Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i did it!!

I must admit it wasn't  easy, and sometimes i fell off.... butamp;
eventually always got back on it!

i did it & still doing it...

 I followed through and accomplished  my new years resolutions and goals from last year!
it's so awesome to make goals and actually follow through.

we as a family wrote down our goals on monday and talked about how important it is to
try to keep the goals within reach, but something that will push us also.  
so that's what i like. 
simple, yet attainable {within reach}

so starting monday,
 {because we are still on "Christmas break" from school.  Our school had a flooding
 problem and notified us that we have one more week off school!}

I am..
~drinking more water. 
~starting on this diet, which i LOVE and it was easy.
~ eating no sugar!
who's with me on NO Sugar??!  
~no eating after 7pm
~take my children on one on one dates!
~serve others more.
~get ivy in her own bed. ha
{we are on day 50 with her sleeping in her own toddler bed~wink...not going so well}

while i am going back through and organizing my blog by labeling posts,
{notice my side bar}
 i am loving it!! 
totally enjoying the past and loving watching my babies grow.  It is quite the task, but how
 nice to have it all labeled and organized.  it will take a while but i'm doing it.


Idaho Penningtons said...

Absolutely NO in joining you about no sugar!!!!
But I will drink more water with you! HA

LuLu said...

I love it! I am going to copy and paste all of your goals. Somewhere around last fall I fell off the wagon. And I really can't find my motivation. Shannon, how do you do it all????

Anonymous said...

I am with Rachel, I had to do with out a lot of SUGAR as a child and youth! I am still trying to make up for all that lost time, I KNOW it is so so bad and really I do control myself most of the time;) Water is really the best!

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

hey send me your email so I can invite you to my blog

Jenn Granum said...

You are always so good at making goals and reaching them. NO sugar? I am going to call you at Easter and see how that one is going .... ;) You look fabulous!

{jane} said...

very good goals. i'm still creating my "new years" never really starts till after my birthday. :) i'm thinking you can do ALL of those, the only trouble might be getting ivy out of your bed. good luck on that one, did you see sara's doggy-bed for bronson {on her blog}? hehe...i seriously might grab one of those at costco for sela!!!

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