Monday, February 22, 2010

"woody's round-up"

I just found this off my iphone. It's a classic picture of hayes because he is always playing "Woody" this kid loves "toy story!" You can even catch him playing it all by himself. Usually he is into Buzz, but now it's woody. He is so animated.

He told me to take his picure while he was with woody. haha
He cracks us up!!  
I love how Ivy was smiling for the picture too. ;)


Jenn Granum said...

He needs to come play with Crew, who always wears his Buzz jammies!

Kierstin said...

Lauren loves Woody too-so cute!

{jane} said...

he better put that in the suitcase for disneyland, have so much fun!

dusty & i just made plans to go in july...after kiana's nationals in beverly hills, i can't wait for sela this time, she's gonna love it!

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