Monday, May 27, 2013

Dance competitions...

We had an incredible dance season this year!  Olivia has improved so 
much and i die at her darling dances.  She's getting so flexible and her technique
is so amazing.  My favorite of all 3 is her Hip Hop "Swag" it's the cutest thing
EVER!!!  I die!!   She can put on some gansta and i had no idea! 
Love her amazing teachers and we usually win 1st or 2nd in all dances... plus 
all the overalls!  

3 dance competitions, a recital, and dance showcase this year and she
 danced in the pre show for "Floored"
she definitely got some good dance time in. 

"9 to 5"


 One of the best parts about this year is Olivia gets to dance with 2 of her cousins at these 
competitions and her very best friend Tessa!  She had a blast this year!!

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