Thursday, May 23, 2013

Space Derby!!

This is possibly one of my most proud momma moments.  We had just returned home from 
our trip to Arizona and the Space Derby was that next day.  We hadn't even started on Hayes'
space ship.   So the morning of Cory told me to call hobby shops and just buy one
that is already made, because he didn't have time either.  NO ONE had one! HA!

My neighbor had a sander {is that what their called?} which i used to make the 
square look round, let hayes paint it and then my neighbors helped
 me put the rest together.  I was so nervous for my cute little hayesie bugs, 
i didn't want his to fall apart for his first ever Derby! 

It was amazing!!  Every heat his space ship was in won!
I loved watching his face light up each time his won! I loved that he took 1st place!
make a mom's heart happy.

cory said the trick was in the twisting of the rubber bands! {which he did} 

1st place- Hayes Taylor
2nd place- Tyson Bushman
3rd place- Mason Hayter

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Diana and Derek said...

Way to go Hayes!!! Nice job. The story is funny. One year in Michigan for our pinewood derby a boy showed up with just the kit box. His Dad was not able to get a car built. I took it out of the box, added quarters for weight on top, then put graphite on the axles, and put it together. It look bad, but won the entire event!! Unbelievable! You just never know sometimes.

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