Friday, August 19, 2011

mr & mrs. parker...

 The San Diego temple is absolutely beautiful+
the gorgeous bride + the groom is very handsome + the best california weather =
a perfect and fabulous wedding!

congratulations lauren and david... now hurry back to BYU, we miss you!

we loved celebrating all week long and enjoying lots of family time.  
my sister rachel did an awesome job planning everything from the temple to the 
reception, luncheon, etc, etc.   she even flew out the wedding photographer who was fabulous.

 johnson cousins... even taylor and nick were there. haha   they are currently serving 
missions for our church.  

the wedding reception at 'Menifee Lakes Country Club'

lauren made the wedding video of her and david, and it was so darling.  the food was 
delicious, and the candy counter was a huge hit for the kids! ha  
my sister mindy caught the bouquet and my son Boston caught the bootninere. haha   
 the highlight of the night was the dancing!  

4th generation picture

i love brody's face {mindy's son} when she caught the boquet! hahaha
he loved that!

 twinner cousins!!


Anonymous said...

I love all the fantastic pictures you took! We had such a fun time with everyone. Lauren and David couldn't be cuter!

Jenn Granum said...

The candy counter is too cool - and I LOVED the missionaries on the stand-ups - Hilarious!

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