Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

I love Everything about this day!  The anticipation of morning, the Presents, &  being with my family.  But Mostly i love the "spirit" of Christmas.  The love you  feel for others throughout this time of year! I just have a much greater love to want to serve others and  be a better person
and to top it off it Snowed!

We were awoken at 6:45 am, and then i made the boys go back to sleep for one more hour. I am sure they were dying!

The kids were so fun to watch open their presents and play with all their Toys.  My favorite all day has been Hayes' excitement of the empty plate of cookies and Milk.  He just loved that there were crumbs and all the cookies were gone.  Oh to be 4 yrs old again!

Ivy's first Christmas

After we opened presents & ate a big breakfast, we went with the Curry's & Carson's to see This AWESOME Movie...

We loved it! The kids all loved it too.  

We went from Jammies to Sweats and then back into our Jammies! Then  we all came back to our House to make Tyler's yummy Shrimp.  We ate lots of  food and the kids all played with their toys.  

We had some Serious Snowball fights with Boston's new Snowball launcher.  Boys against Dad's...Yes, some kids came in crying. haha
We have an awesome Sledding hill on the lot behind our house and a fun place to go snowmobiling right across from our house.  

We have all been super busy being better Rockers in this house with Guitar Hero world tour!  I am pretty much Amazing at Singing but need some help with the guitar! ha

These kids have been so fun!

Ivy's new Bumbo! 

{Shannon & Witters}

I love just hanging out, playing games and watching movies together as a family especially while all the snow is falling.   It is so peaceful and so relaxing.  

It was such a wonderful day & I am so grateful for the gift that our Savior has given us, and how wonderful it is to continually feel of his love, especially this time of year!

Oh and guess who's been sick the last couple of days? Me! UGh, i never get sick. I am doing so much better now though, Thankfully!


Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

I missed you at the Hansen Party :( I'm sorry you were sick! Hope you are all better. Ivy looks so dang cute in her Bumbo! Christmas looks so fun! Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Napierski said...

Looks like such a wonderful Christmas. Snow always makes it better although that's the only day I'm happy about it. Ivy is just too adorable.

L Johnson said...

So glad that you had such a nice relaxing Christmas day:) I want to see that movie, guess I will have to wait until it comes out on blueray!

Candace said...

Did I see that Boston got his piano? I never thought Cory would go for that!

Witney said...

K so i just found out that the ten couples who got picked have to compete and then the dancing with the stars celebs and pros pick the two finalist and then those two compete in front of everyone. So ill tell you if im one of the two! Those snowmobiles are SO fun! ha ha ill talk to you later! Love ya!

jane said...

your christmas was beautiful and perfect! {other than you being sick, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!} I LOVE Ivy sitting in her bumbo, she looks so big!

John and Ann Tolman said...

We went and saw Bedtime Stories too with Justin, Libby & boys and Tyler... we thought it was really fun. Tomorrow we will see Marley and maybe I can get Uncle John to take me out to eat...???

Janel said...

Having kids w/ you at Christmas is the best part of the season and Christmas day!! I love it too--Avery was the same way about the Santa cookies--she was disappointed though that 1 of the reindeer didn't finish his carrot!

Jenn Granum said...

What an awesome Christmas! I love Ivy in her Bumbo and Hayes with his pirate ship! He has been asking for that for a while! So sad you were sick - glad you are all better.

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