Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We are home from another Fabulous trip to Maui! We went with my Sister Rachel and most of her family. It was so fun having my sister there to hang out with and her girls were so fun and such Great help! It was Perfect weather and such a {much needed} relaxing vacation! The cousins all had a blast together and my baby did great! Our friends the Granum's were there too so we had a big group where ever we went!

This trip Boston & Cory and Rachels family got Certified to Scuba, and LOVED it. Boston held all sorts of Sea creatures, and i was so shocked that he loved it.

We played and played by the beach, pool and did Waterslide races at the Grand Wailea pool. We did lots of shopping, ordered my Favorite "Round Table Pizza" out by the Pool, laughed at "SNL's You Tube" ("and I'm Ju-deee") went to the Tide Pools in Makena, Ordered lots of Smoothies on the Beach, went to the Spa & just enjoyed each others Company.

These 3 Crazies were so funny to watch! It was so exciting to them to run down in the ocean and then hit this rock and run back as fast as they could before the waves would get them, while Laughing Hysterically! It was Awesome!!

Crew, Hayes & Olivia
I love this Picture of Hayes

We went to Makenna where the Lava fields and Tide pools were and let the kids explore, it was so awesome, very windy but we saw some Sea turtles up close.

I was very impressed with the Sand Sculptures that the kids made. Here is Ariel {Olivia's request} My Niece Lauren is quite the Artist!

It took everything out of Hayes to not jump on it and wreck it... That is what he does best!!

I love how my baby is so Smiley and laughs all the time, She did Great!

And the Adventure never ends with this kid...
Boston loved holding this Octopus
Skimboards like a PRO
When he is not Skimboarding, he is Boogie Boarding
Jenn and I went out looking for Turtles on the Paddle Boards. This is alot harder than it looks, but so much fun and a great Workout!
Geoff & Boston
One of the kids favorite things to do is go "Night Skimboarding" No one is on the beach so they get it all to themselves with only the Moon as their light. They Love this!

{Chase & Boston}
It didn't stop these 3 from running from waves in their Jammies ;D
{Crew, Hayes & Olivia}



The Ho'olei Pool is one of our Favorites, b/c no one is there and the kids have it all to themselves. Hayes is a crazy swimmer, Crazy! He is so fun to watch, he just loves the pool.
Not Olivia so much. She is my most Cautious child, she just likes to play by the steps.

Uncle Steve throwing the kids while doing some sweet tricks.


This last weekend they had the "Gingerbread Festival" where you can go and decorate your HUGE Gingerbread house and they display it in the Lobby at the Grand Wailea Hotel. Well we ate more candy than was on our house. They had Tables of Candy and we were loving doing this Ginormous Gingerbread house. It turned out so cute.


Lucrecia said...

Welcome home! It looks like you guys had so much fun! And you and Jenn look hot in your bathing suits:)

Summer Carlile said...

I am so glad that you guys had a blast! I can't wait to go to Hawaii again.

L Johnson said...

I love that you had such a great time! Ivy looks so content, another beach lover;) Your pictures rock!!!!

Watson Ink. said...

I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun! And Ivy is getting so big. You guys are so cute!

jane said...

omgosh, where to begin my comment? It all looks just so so fun and beautiful! What a perfect time of year to sneak away and relax! I love the picture of you, Cory, and all four kids on the beach - your WHOLE family, so cute! and I love the picture of you and Jenn paddle boarding, I seriously bet I wouldn't even be able to stand up on one of those things! How fun is the HUGE-larger than life Gingerbread house! Seriously, an incredible vacation - welcome home! :)

Kierstin said...

How fun! It makes me so excited to be there seeing all of your gorgeous pictures! How fun that you were able to be there with so many friends and family, it sounds like the perfect vacation. Your family is so beautiful! Ivy is darling and is getting so big.

becky said...

whoohoo! what a fun trip..i love all the pictures!

beautiful family! so fun to see you today!

The Armantrout family said...

What a fun trip!! I love the kids running for the waves in there jammy's so cute!!

Jenn Granum said...

What great pictures you have! My favs are Hayes (both feet in the air) and Bos with the octopus. We miss you already! Hurry and get all your birthdays and Christmas stuff done and then COME BACK!

curryclan said...

How fun! I love all of the things you guys did! Makes me miss Maui!!!

Idaho Penningtons said...

We miss it! Lets go again! Oh how about in JULY!! hehehehe

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