Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer so far...

has been a BLAST!
filled with lots of swimming, splash pads and diving board tricks!
so far we've had scout camp, basketball camp, crossfit kids, dance showcase,  Lehi Rodeo, strawberry days carnival, taylor family reunion, swim meet and lots of bike rides!

The twins have been totally coming out of their nervous shell. It seems like this year they've all of the sudden grown up.  They are diving off the diving boards {high dives too}, swimming with confidence, it is so much fun to watch them grow. {sniff sniff}  

Boston and the twins started "crossfit kids"  they love it!  My brother in law Trevor
owns "Crossfit Hyperion" and we are huge fans. {husband and I have been going since october}  
so it's fun to see our kids enjoy it so much.  It's good for pre football season for Boston too.
after the workout trevor races Ivy and she runs fast!  maybe she might follow in her mama's footsteps
and love running! {wink}

Cory took Hayes out golfing at the Alpine Country Club and he really liked driving the 
golf cart.  He fully surprised Cory when Hayes shot a HOLE IN ONE! feeling like a champ!

Boston is my little trickster... i could watch him and his friends do tricks and backflips off the diving board all day! Boston perfected the gainer!
olivia and hayes got into it too.  Highlight of my summer!!!

Ivy cracks us up with her swimming.  She loves it and actually swims 
very well {if you are with her} she now jumps off the diving board.

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