Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ragnar Relay {wasatch back}

Loved my "Wicked Fast" team!   
We had a blast at Ragnar this year.  Even with my bummed injury! Boo.

These girls were superstars, 3 of them have never ran ragnar before and had no idea what to expect! 
so much fun!

200 miles + 2 vans +12 runners....through the beautiful wasatch mountains!!  
thanks for the memories ladies... i may not be up for it next year. haha

 The night run was all of our favorites... well er uh except hollie's! 
getting ready to send shannon on the first run of the night for our van.   

we loved that we finally got to see VAN 2 at the exchanges.  We met them up at Snowbasin. 
So fun to see my hellbusch girls!!

 nothing sounded better than Cafe Rio to end the 2 days of running!!

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