Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We Got our Passports today!! Now my other Dilema is a Sick child with "Croup" , I took the kids to the Doctor today and Sure enough Hayes has it and it's only at night! He doesn't even act very sick so hopefully we caught it just in time.

Last night Boston Gave us the FHE lesson and he did so Good! He is such a Great Kid... He did it so Hayes and Olivia would understand too. He talked about certain Prophets and we had to guess who they were. Hayes and Olivia got to be his helper and Everything.
Then Cory and I went Bowling at Fat Cats with our Friends & Neighbors for a Birthday Party! It was Adults only so we had 3 lanes with 2-3 couples per lane, and Cory and I Bowled soooo Good! I couldn't believe how awesome We did!
No seriously , Cory Bowled Strike after Strike and I was Bowling Spares, It was sweet, Cause everyone was putting in $1 a Frame, So each frame whomever did the Best got the money! Ok So I did bowl 123 it's the best score I have ever had Bowling!

Today was Quite Progressive for me.... I bought our Christmas Jammies and Even got Boston his Cute outfit for the Dress up night On the Disney Cruise... They are going to all look so cute!
I even got some Christmas Shopping done!
Dinner tonight was Homeade Potato Cheese Soup in Bread Bowls & Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate chip Muffins.....Mmmm
I made enough to feed the Granums, Cause Sweet little Prego Jenn is sick with 2 Sinus Infections, Broncitis and Pneumonia.
Yes, She is Hating it! Get Well Jenn!

I better quit Mumbling, and start cleaning and Packing..... I know, I really am still packing!


Heather said...

Busy girl! We went bowling with the boys tonight. We all had so much fun. Sorry about Hayes...we had croup a lot with the boys--it's not fun.

Garrett said...

i just throw some crap in a bag at like midnight the night before and thats all the packing i really do...

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