Monday, November 06, 2006


Cory is getting his Pilots license.....Deep Breath Candy! He is so excited ! He already went up last week for the First time, and he got to Fly himself for a bit!

We have all kids in Bed by 8:30pm! Yeah... It seems late so fast!
Today was early out so we went to Costco, and our Dentist, for a Sweet Swap! You give him your left over candy and you get a Shirt (that says Trick,Treat,Trade), and your name put in a Drawing for $100 Gift Card to TOYS R US! Hayes and Olivia turned in their candy too!!
Boston also got 2 Borders Gift Cards from the Dentist for Referring two friends! So that was AWESOME.

Oh I made a fabulous dinner tonight. Swiss Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn with Rolls, and for our FHE Treat, SMORE'S!!

Now I am going to Bed Early, Maybe I can read one of my 3 books I have going(lol) .......I will probably end up watching a Show!
O'well.... Good Night!

P.S Don't forget to VOTE Tomorrow.


Darren Johnson said...

Sweet!, I was thinking of finishing my pilots license as well. I need about 10 more hours. Nick really liked flying we were in a 172sp with glass cockpit (thats what I learned on in Oregon), tell cory thats the one to learn in its sweet with all the gauges and stuff being glass its the only way to go for IFR. See ya soon in Florida!

Granum Family said...

Hi Shannon! I love reading your blog! You have the cutest family EVER!!! Bryan and I are loving New York but I still think it's crazy we live here :) Can you post your swiss steak recipe, I know Bryan would love it!!! Thanks! We miss you guys.

Heather said...

Are you sure you're ready to be married to a pilot? Scary stuff--but if you support him, that's all that matters.

The Davila Family said...

That is soo cool shannon. Tell Cory ongrats. We have all the little ones in bed by 8:30 too. Besides nap time that is my favorite time of each day. What a mean grandma huh. Lol. Love ya.

JT said...

ooooooohhh. that makes me nervous! as soon as you save ava's pics from my blog, let me know. thanks

Candace said...

Judd's plan B is a helicopter pilot- what is it with these boys?

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