Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nordstrom Fashion Show!

Ok, So my kids looked so Cute Struttin down the Carpet for the Fashion Show! I cannot believe Hayes & Olivia even did it, I thought I would have to help them. They were so cute, once Hayes Got on the Platform he started Dancing around! Everyone was Dying laughing & Clapping, and I couldn't Get them off!
Boston Looked like a little Hottie with his new Outfit on too. That was so much fun, The best part is the 15% off Shopping Mom got to do afterwards!

I finished my Ultimate Fasting Cleanse.....5 days of just Juice and a WHole lot of Vitamins! I don't know how much Weight I lost, but I am pretty sure I lost Some, which is always a Plus.

Of course my little ones do not look at me when I am taking their Picture! Stinkers.

This was just a Practice run! The Bag She is holding is the Gift bag they gave them for coming. Of course, she did walk with it down the Runway like it was her purse.

Boston looking So dang Cute!


Witney's crazy life said...

Shannon!! so cute!! they look adorable!! well this is how i got my video on my blog. So you go to google then it says videos you pick a video you like then automatically it says would you like to post this on your blogspot. that simple. Well talk to ya later!! luv ya!

Heather said...

Cute kids--Boston looks like a mini Cory! Same shirt-tucked-into-front-of-belt look. Cam and Coop did that when they were about 18 months old--fun times!

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