Monday, December 25, 2006


This is how Boston has been, Pretty much all day! He got a Sweet IPOD video with TV Shows ,Movies and Music already loaded. He has been Watching "SHARK WEEK" all day and Loving it!
Santa sent Boston, Hayes & Olivia on a Scavenger hunt! It was so fun to watch them look all over the House for the Clues. It ended with them running to the Rec Room and finding the "Super Spiral Bouncer"! It is definitley and Outside toy, but a blast to play on inside when it's freezing cold!
Olivia literaly pushed her Bitty Baby Twins around the House for about 2 hrs. She was so much fun to watch with those babies! Their Eyes open and Shut, so when she would see them open, she would Scream, EYES, EYES~it kind of freaked her out a little! (lol)

OH and Of Course, she got an Ariel doll, and she had to feed her a bottle!
Hayes was so cute with his "Shake and GO" Race track! He totally knew how to Shake them and let them race around! It's funny how he is such a boy and just knows all of this stuff! He played this ALL Day long!

We had a Fabulous Day today! It is so fun to watch the kids open their presents and play all day with their cousins! We went to Jill and Tylers for Some deep fried Shrimp, Black bottom cups and some Delicous food! Now we need to Clean up and Pack up for our Trip to Snowbasin to go Skiing for the week! We will be their until New Years day, so I will update my blog as soon as we return! Have a Happy new year.
Good Night!

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Kari said...

So cute. Where did you get the dolls????

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