Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Snow!!!!

This is How much snow we have over here in Orem! Cory Says about 1 1/2 feet of snow!
Yesterday we had alot and now today its just doubled. It is so beautiful! How much snow does everyone else have right now? Did anybody else get this much ?
( If you look really Close maybe you can see his Snow Angel he made!)

My monday Agenda is:
Dr. appt. for Hayes & Olivia-immunizations
Lunch with Neighbor friends-12:30 Happy Sumo
Achievement day Girls-2:30 (early out)
Buy Candy for Gingerbread Houses
FHE with Cousins, Building Gingerbread Houses! Does anyone know what time?
And well the list can just go on and on.....

We just got done reading books by the fire and drinking our Hot cocoa! These are the cutest books ... One of them is called "Snowmen at Night" by Carolyn Buehner, It is one of our Favorites!
This is so Adorable, I just asked Olivia "Who was born on Christmas?" and she said "Jesus" I am so serious, Boston and I were a little Shocked that she understood that!

Happy Sunday!


Watson Ink. said...

WOW look at all that money you spent on Bostons outfit. Spider, so thats like 1k. Snow looks like fun.

Kari said...

Hey. I was just in Provo. You guys do have tons of snow. It is still snowing here! I finished my fast. I was so happy to eat on Friday! Boston looks so cute!!!

JT said...

We got lots of snow here too. I think gingerbread houses are at 6pm right?

Lizzie said...

NO snow here!!!! It did rain last night tho. that picture of boston in the hammock (sp?) is so funny!

Darren Johnson said...

No snow but the surf is great! and its in the upper 70's. We have been singing "its beginning to feel alot like Easter"

The Davila Family said...

Yeah Shannon we got 7+ inches and getting more. We are loving it, accept when Alfred has to work in the -7 degree weather this morning in Eagle Mountain

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