Friday, December 15, 2006

School Christmas Party!

Today was so fun, In Boston's Class they got to decorate Candy Houses for their Christmas Party! This is one of his little Buddies, Jacob! There is only "3" more School days left of School
Then we have Christmas Break!! Woo HOO!
Cory and I went out on a date tonight to COSTCO and then "Happy Sumo"! We sat right at the Sushi Bar and just had the Guy make us something on his own...It was sooooo Delicious. We decided, that is how we are going to eat there now.......The Sushi Bar.

Tomorrow is Candaces Concert up in Salt Lake, and then To "Ruth's Chris" For Cory's Birthday Dinner. His Birthday is really on Tuesday, he just LOVES "Ruth's Chris". I maybe a little weird, But i just think it's OK.

It is totally snowing right now! I think their is seriously like 4 inches already! Maybe we will be sledding in the Morning too! Oh No i have to Run in it tomorrow!!!

Have a Great Weekend!


Watson Ink. said...

Hey I have a website so please register on it. I started it so family can have a place to share pictures and news, even movies. After you register I will need to add you to my user group so you can see our privet forum section. Let me know what you think of it too. Miss you all Chris.

Candace said...

no more concert- I got sick so I can't sing. Thanks for wanting to come though- that means a lot to me.

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