Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hayes & Olivia's Birthday Party!!!!

Hey thanks to Heather for letting me know about the "Compose" button on the Blogging Screen!

They Had their Birthday Party today! It was a Curious George Party, Because they are Obsessed with GEORGE... Costco did a Fabulous job on decorating the Cake, it was so cute.

We had the Party at "The Little Gym" Which is a little kids Gymnastics place. I was so suprised how great the Party was, The Ladies Centered it around Hayes & Olivia and they played all sorts of Games. We had 22 kids, Yes i said 22 kids! That is how we do our Taylor Partys! We just have so many fun Cousins and Friends!
They of Course had alot of Fun Presents, Thanks so much Everyone for coming to the Party and for our FUN Presents! (Can this be my Thank you cards, Please?)

Hayes & Olivia are Passed out in Bed right now for a nice little Nap, The weather is Gorgeous outside today so Boston is out on the Scooter, Cory & Geoff are out Riding crazy in the RHINO, and I am finishing up the Calendars.
Then we are off to Tepanyaki for the Birthday Dinner.... YIPEE!


Kari said...

That looks so fun. You are out of control!!!Cute pics

JT said...

That was a fun party. thanks again

L Johnson said...

camerabug65Wow I wish you were my Mom!!!

Heather said...

That counts as our "thank you" card! Please don't write me another one! You need the extra 2 minutes to do other stuff!

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