Friday, December 08, 2006

Follow Up Clinic!

I am one Proud Mommy today!(Well,everyday really-haha) We went to Hayes & Olivia's NICU Follow up appt, which they go to once or sometimes twice a year. They had all sorts of Dr.'s there, We met with Hearing, Speech Development, Psychiatric development, Nutritionists, Physicians, etc... They checked out every part of their little Bodies from 8:30 am-12:30!
Hayes & Olivia are PERFECT! They have not one problem, The Speech dr. said that Olivia is at the level of a 28-30 month old, and Hayes is at the Level of a 22-24 month old. They always seem to show off when we go there. They did so Great, The Dr.'s and Nurses cannot believe that they are 26 weekers! They all just die when they see them.
We are so Extremely Grateful, I always get so nervous when I go to these appts. because they tell you usually everything that is not good on the Outcome of a Preemie.
I sometimes feel that Parker took on EVERYTHING, so that they could have such a Great Life!
They are Truly our Little Miracles.....Thanks to the Power of Prayer!


Candace said...

Now Parker is everyone's gaurdian angel- I felt like he was when I get hit by the car. They are such sweet babies.

Heather said...

What precious kids you (and all of us in our family) have. I never thought about Parker like that, but it is a tender thought. You deserve these great blessings!

Kari said...

They are the cutest babies Shannon. I am so glad that everything has gone well with them! You deserve it!!!

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