Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Traffic School!

So I got a Ticket in American Fork last month,and I picked this month to go to Traffic School! It was coming down the Hill from the Temple, The undercover blue Mustang...You know that guy. Anyway so last night in Traffic School, I saw 2 of my Friends there. The Officer was taking Roll and he called my sister in law Holli's Name! Where were you HOLLI? I about died when I heard them call sweet little Holli's name! It was just one hour long and a good reminder to drive with Caution!

I took the kids to see Santa last night! We think he is the Real one, because he said Olivia's name and we didn't even tell him. Olivia kept saying "Scary" which is so weird cause she loved the Characters at Disneyworld. Hayes liked him cause he had Candy, Boston told him that he wanted a Firefly Phone! WHAT! Is he crazy, he is 7 and he wants a Cell Phone? Special thanks to my Niece Charlee on that one! I told him Santa only Gives out Phones to kids who are "12". ha ha

I finished my Christmas Letters and Cards and now i just need to mail them out! I also got alot of Christmas Shopping and Wrapping done today. Actually, My nieces Megan and Sarah did all the Wrapping, it was sooooo Awesome, Thanks Guys.
We have a Christmas Pary today at the Peaks Ice Arena for My Dentists office (I know, they always have these fun parties for the kids)! It will be so much fun!


Heather said...

Glad it wasn't MY name--knock on wood. Now I'd better be extra careful. If Boston gets a phone, I'll die! Cute pic.

Watson Ink. said...

I can't believe how big they've all gotten! The twins are adorable and Boston is such a little hottie!

Candace said...

It can't be our Holli! LOL

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