Monday, January 01, 2007

Powder Mountain & Snowbasin!

We are back from Skiing! We had a great time with lots of cousins, and Lots of Skiing! Boston is so fun to watch this year, It's like he is so grown up. He rides the Chairlift all by himself, and I have to yell at him to SLOW down! He was taking me through all of these trees and then off big Jumps. He was so fun!
Jaxon and Witney went Snowboarding for the First time and loved it! They had a Lesson and then Mc Call and Alex helped Witney down the Slopes!
We went mostly to Powder Mountain, because the Snow was so GREAT there. But on New years day, we went to Snowbasin with Mindy and Shae!
We just played games all night , Every night! We are now huge "DEAL or NO DEAL" fans Boston is so into it! We sat in the Hot Tub, Played Soccer, Watched Movies, laughed our heads off,(mostly at Tyler) Danced, ate Prime Rib, and ate and ate!!!
We did have some Sickos for the Week, It was like a 24 hr flu that went between the Two Condos. Each day it was a new kid sick or 2!
We had a Blast!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time! I love the snow pic's Shannon. Stay warm :)

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