Sunday, January 21, 2007


I know I say it all the time! I LOVE SUNDAYS! Their is nothing better than 9:00 church, then you have the rest of the Day to just lounge around and hang out with your family!

I was asked by my friend Caryn to Share a little of our Story about the Triplets in Relief Society. The Lesson was on Tragedy and Destiny? And How through Tragedy we found Great Blessings! It was so hard to Cram 12 or so weeks into "10" minutes, but I managed and it turned out so Good! It was so interesting , I hadn't really discussed (in a large group) the feelings that we felt through the whole experience, with anyone in a long time! It was great to be able to Share How I felt so much closer to the Savior at that time, than ever before in my life! And a great reminder of how We should always keep an Eternal Perspective! When we put our trust in him, He will TRULY bless us!

Alot of people didn't really know that I had 3 babies and what we went through, so I was glad that I got to Share it!
It was a Fabulous lesson, and a great Reminder to why we have Trials in life, I sure am glad that I got to experience it first hand, Being able to see that with FAITH, you can get through it and it can only make you Stronger and a Better Person!

(wow it sounds like Testimony Meeting. lol) ...I am now Reading the book "Finding Noel" by Richard paul Evans for the Taylor Book Club! I already love it! I am now on chapter 7! Who knows if I will ever get a free moment to Finish! Who has time to Read books?

We are off to Taylors tonight to finally give Candace her Long awaited Birthday Present! (Sorry) Her Birthday was in December! oops... and to return Brigham's Tamogochi (sp?)

Anyway that was my Spiritual thought for the Day!
Happy Sunday!


JT said...

Wish I was at your RS today! I bet you did a wonderful job, just exactly what the teacher was looking for too.

Watson Ink. said...

We talked about trials today too. I think it's amazing that even though we don't always see the reason for some of our trials they can, if we have faith, help us grow and become closer to the Savior.

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