Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CABO SAN LUCAS.... Here we come!

We are leaving Early Thursday Morning! YAHOOOOO.. It is a very much needed Vacation for us. It's our Anniversary on Feb 3rd and Cory and I didn't get to go anywhere last year for our 10 yr. anniversary so we are making the 11 year Celebration! We are going with our Neighbors Dusty and Jane, it's their anniversary on the "1"st ! We want out of the Cold Inversion here in Utah and Just want to hang out on the Beach, Hit the Spa, Lay out by the Pool, Eat good Food, and Watch TV (shows we have been wanting to watch forever)! We are so excited!

Judd and Candace will come and watch the kids while we are gone! Boston is very excited to be babysat by them.
I am however a little nervous leaving my Babies, We have never left them before! They are in Good hands, so that does help!

I am starting to think I am a little bit "Nazi" because I Typed out 5 pages of how the House Runs! I think it should be So helpful though. So I am sorry in Advance candace, but I need to know that I wrote everything down!

We have a Pack Meeting for Boston tomorrow night, where he will get his Skiing Belt loop and Pin, Computers, Astronomy, and Chess! It's so exciting when they Accomplish so many things, Then get Rewarded!!!!

Jenn is Having her Baby first thing tomorrow morning! He looks like he is literaly going to Fall out of her! I have to get a picture today!!!
I will Post about him tomorrow!


Heather said...

You are so funny! 5 pages??!!? Candace is already a natural at that stuff, and as long as the kids are fed and cared for...right? You guys will have so much fun. Get a tan for me. I'm also excited to hear about Jenn's baby. Let us know!

Granum Family said...

Have fun in Cabo!!! I'm so sad that we aren't gonna be there tomorrow for when Jenn has the baby :( Please take lots of pictures for us and post them so we can see our cute little nephew!

Candace said...

Don't be nervous and don't feel bad about the list- Holli writes them for me all the time! LOL. They are helpful, I am glad you did it. I have some fun things for while you are gone so we will have our own mini vacation too!

JT said...

Have a great time, you deserve it. Get tan. oh, you already are. Ha.

Happy 11th anniversary too!

KB said...

Have fun in Cabo! I finally figured out how to post comments...I just had to set up a gmail account! Now I can finally make all of the comments I have been wanting to make to your amazing blog and your beautiful family!! Happy Anniversary! Our 10 year is this year!

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