Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok! So I have been tagged from my Sis in law Jane! I am to list my Idiosyncrasies ..... So Here Goes.....

~ I Can NOT stand when people Burp! It's so Disgusting. I always feel like I have to hold my breath, so it won't go in my mouth! ( I know, it is very Bizarre)

~I absolutley cannot wear Turtlenecks.... It makes me look fat, and feel like I am Choking!

~When in Bed at night, I always sleep with a Pillow in between my legs, and My feet have to circle around each other for a while to help me fall asleep!

~I Bite my lip when I am in Deep thought!

~Once in a while, I have to have a Binge-Fest with my Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies! And I mean BINGE~ It's not like 2 or 3! It doesn't even matter if I have been eating good for 2 weeks or so!

~ Oh and When I am eating a Sandwich, It has to be cut in Half Triangle way! It just tastes better to me.

That's all that I can think of for now!
Witney, Sarah, Darla, Kari- Tag YOUR TURN!


JT said...

very good shashi! Ha! funny stuff.

Heather said...

And don't you have something about old man spit on the bottom of your shoes? I can think of everyone's idiosymadniasdofkjs but mine.

Anonymous said...

Shannon you and your brother have a lot in common:)

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