Friday, December 24, 2010

Grandma Hansen's Birthday/Christmas party...

We celebrated our fabulous and beautiful grandma last night for her "86th" birthday!

Grandma Hansen is so amazing, I learned some very interesting things about her 
that i never knew before, like she was an only child! 
{who would have thought}
  She always wanted a big family and well she got it, she had 13 children!  She now has a gazillion grand & great grandchildren which makes for some fabulous parties!
{my children are her great grandchildren}

Camille played a game about how well we knew grandma, and we learned some great things...

~she was named "muggsie" from  her uncle who put a straw 
hat on her and said "oh you've got a cute little mug" ;)
~her favorite movie is Pollyanna
~favorite actress is Doris Day

she is actually Cory's grandma, but she makes me feel like i am hers as well.  
Everything about her is beautiful.  She raised 13 kids {my mother in law is the oldest} and 
makes it look easy, they always looked so "picture perfect" in all their photos!  
The worlds BEST cook, some of our favorite recipes are from grandma!

Heather Presented her a book of wonderful memories we all wrote about 
Grandma, and i can't wait to read them all.  
Cory wrote some darling memories and i just giggle thinking of them.

Happy Birthday Lavon. 
 We all just adore you... 

Santa came and brought presents to all the kids, this is always a highlight of the night...
{a tradition long before i married into this family! So cute}

Hayes giving santa "five"


{jane} said...

cute grandma! and adorable party, you guys are definitely blessed with family!

L Johnson said...

Very sweet!

Jenn Granum said...

Cory has such a fun and cute family!

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