Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday honey!

 Our handsome daddy, {notice the sexy shaved face} turned "39" and we
 celebrated him all day!

my kids were so excited to make him breakfast in bed & give him their homemade cards.
Cory is such a simple guy, who would love me and the kids to spend
 NO money on him, just gifts of service and love. his request!
{plus he is very hard to shop for}

so we showered him with service all day and then topped off his day with a delicious 
"prime rib" dinner with all of his family.

we are so lucky to have the "worlds best daddy" and hubby!  
He makes our life so good!
love you babe, enjoy your last year of your "thirties!"~wink

i asked the kids what they love most about their daddy...

Boston~ "i love to watch football and dog the bounty hunter with you"
Hayes~ "i love your pretend stories you tell me at night"
Olivia~"i like it when you tuck me in bed"
Ivy~ "happy birthday daddy!" 


{jane} said...

happy birthday cory, we all loooove you! enjoy your last year of the 30's...we'll have to celebrate big time in '11!

precious comments by the kiddos. they have a very very good daddy.

Jenn Granum said...

Happy Birthday, Cory! You look great. Love the shave :)

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