Sunday, March 28, 2010

"be strong and of good courage"

My niece witney was asked to be one of the "young women" to sing at the "young womens general broadcast" on saturday night.   It was such an honor for her to be asked to do this, and she had a great experience.   We had tickets to go up and see her so i took another niece shae, her friend kenna and my friend Cynthia {who is also a YW president}  &  we enjoyed the wonderful talks,  especially President Uchtdorf's {my all time favorite talk from him} and then we went out to eat at "Zupa's" after!  It was such a fun night for me to spend with my nieces, 

i love these girls!


did any of you see her? I know a few of our family members did.


Anonymous said...

I loved every minute of the broadcast and plan on watching it over and over until we can go again next year!! What a spiritual boost, I can not wait for Saturday only 5 more sleeps;) I did not see Whitney, but i didn't know to look for her!

{jane} said...

what a cute picture, and a special night for all of you...Shae is such a teenager, my gosh!!! I haven't seen her in forever.

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