Thursday, June 23, 2011

fathers day festivities...

Cory's fathers day weekend started out friday night with our wards father/daughter campout up
 american fork canyon.  our little livi loves to do campouts with her daddy especially with 
all of her girlfriends in the neighborhood. pure 'girl heaven.'
i kept ivy home because it is still so cold up the canyon. haha
{luckily she was sleeping when they left.}

the boys and i rented a redbox and made homeade donuts. 
{recipe to come from my Boston}

then on fathers day cory loved getting spoiled rotten from his kiddos!  
after church we made him his favorite meal 
eggs/bacon/hashbrowns with his fav orange juice. 
later i made his favorite "dutch oven peach cobbler!"

our kids kept hugging and loving him and telling him he's the best dad ever! 
so so precious.

after a few wrestling matches he opened his presents and we watched 
"secretariat" which is awesome!
now my kids all think they should work with grandpa hansens horses. haha

we have the best blacktop trails out this way and they lead you to many many parks. 
 liv and hayes did awesome, following their dad up some hard hills.   
boston kept stopping every so often and would literally jump over the creek. 
yah, the kid is crazy!

{and he landed it everytime}

we think our daddy is pretty amazing.
happy fathers day babe!  we love you like crazy!


Kierstin said...

Looks like you guys have been having a fun and busy summer! Love all of your pics.

Granum Family said...

Utah looks so pretty right now! So many fun things you are doing!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trail and park! Cory is such a kind and patient dad. Happy Fathers Day!

Anonymous said...

Um, that was from Jenn! ;) I'm on Geoff's computer.

Idaho Penningtons said...


Diana and Derek said...

Can't wait to see all of you this summer.

{jane} said...

Cory is a GREAT Dad. i love the pictures from the bike ride & park - GORGEOUS! so green & a perfect time of year in Utah - xo.

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