Thursday, June 09, 2011

the best part of summer...

is our favorite shaved ice "Snoasis" here in alpine!
it's so good, and i am not even kidding!

they put ice cream in your shaved ice or better yet, cream! 

i don't order one, because i end up drinking from everyones! ha
some favorites are... miss livi's 'maui wowee' and hayes' 'cotton candy'  
boston and ivy stick to 'tigers blood'  and it is so so good.  

the line is usually like a disneyland line!  {no joke}
the kids love to give weird names so that when theirs is 
ready the guy/gal has to yell it out. totally their highlight of the day!

{yes we go there quite often} 

we've been busy with summer camps!  boston is in heaven
 with lonepeak basketball camp, and lacrosse camp.  he comes home daily with stories of
 how his team won the layup contest and his big win of the "Mr. hustle" award!  
he thinks he is jimmer! {wink} 

lots of friends to play with and plenty of ball games to attend to.  
summer has finally arrived!


Kierstin said...

My kids LOVE shaved ice too...summer is so fun, isn't it! We are just out of school...but we will be making some runs for ice soon! Cute pic of all of the kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just got caught up on your blog. Looks like summer is off to a terrific start! We are finally getting some sunshine, too. Congrats to Hayes and Olivia for their graduation, and I hope Boston had an amazing time on his campout.

Ally said...

oh my gosh SHANNON! YOU ARE SO COOL. im so lucky to have such a ballin aunt!

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