Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"camp shannon"

after the family reunion in midway, we grabbed my friend cynthia's 2 boys for the weekend while she went out of town.  She said she didn't tell her boys until that morning who was going to be watching them.  when they found out they yelled and shouted out loud "Camp Shannon" hahaha  

i loved that.  
that is a total compliment.

these guys were our neighbors and are a house full of boys, so Boston was in heaven knowing they would come play with us for a few days.

some of the highlights were...

 "flowrider" {all day}  by the end of the day people were clapping for these boys, seriously they are so good on it!

 "night games"
"sleepovers" in the star wars bedroom
 "jump on it" and i video'd zach and boston for some "you tube" action.    

we had a blast!



livi & lucy just giggle when they are together...

These two little buddies crack me up!  
we lived right next door to the Simpsons and these two just adore each other.  
Mckay is HUGE for his age and amazing at everything he does,  they are only 1 year apart and this picture is a total classic...

one day we can look back at this picture and have a good laugh at the difference here...


 Jump on it


Jenn Granum said...

You must be exhausted and ready for school to start! I bet Boston loved having his buddies for the weekend.

{jane} said...

you are the best momma for entertaining! i think you are a second mom to those simpson boys! they ADORE you!

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