Tuesday, August 31, 2010


these two brothers shared a sunday together with a missionary Farewell and a Homecoming.
What an awesome day for my brother Derek & his wife Diana.  It was fabulous, these boys are so awesome, serving the Lord for 2 years and coming home all grown up. 
totally loving every moment.

Both sets of grandparents were there, and lots of cousins and family & friends filled
 up the back 3 rows.

The meeting was beautiful, so worth the 10 hr drive! ha

Garrett returned from the cuarnavaca mexico mission and his brother Taylor is going to the Monterrey mexico mission.

Love you boys...


my mom and some of my sisters...

cousins, who were not really cooperating for a picture. haha


my dad is famous for his game of chess. 
I think it's pretty awesome that he could even play when it was a star wars set. 

grandpa is always playing "Squirrel" or "run sheepy run" with the little kids.
 It's a grandpa tradition.


curryclan said...

You got a pic of tyler...way to go! Okay so Hayes wearing Carson's Buzz pj's is killing me - Laughing out loud for sure - especially since everyone else is dressed so nice.

Jenn Granum said...

PLEASE tell me that Hayes went to church in his Buzz jammies! That pic is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Such fun pictures of everyone who got to be with the Johnson Missionaries!

Diana and Derek said...

I love your pictures. Thank you for coming. Your family is wonderful.

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