Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my handsome 'fifth grader'

 Boston went to his first day of school and LOVED it!
 He has 4 of his good friends in his class and he has the best teacher.   
He brought his football and played at all the recesses.

  I love how he feels too cool to be getting his picture taken! haha
cute little bugger.

This should be a great year!

as much as i hate to feel like summer has come to an end and my kids are all going to be in school,{boo}
 i love the feeling of rededicating myself to a schedule, a real schedule.  like lunch dates and pedicures  with little miss ivy!   This will be so different to have just "1" child at home with me.
It's a little 'bittersweet.'

After school i made him rice krispy treats with his favorite "fruity pebbles" cereal, and we played with our cousins on the waterslide.


Cassy said...

You are such a cute mom!

Anonymous said...

Shannon you are so very blessed to have such an amazing Boston!! We are so lucky to have him as a nephew;0)

joe said...

I too am sad school is starting again. (our children start next Wed so we have 1 more week). Your blog is cool. Say hi to Cory for us. Ciao

dulces said...

He is one handsome kid! Being on a schedule is always a good thing. there are some really fun activities on the horizon!!

LuLu said...

Oh boy, he is handsome! Yay for school and structure. Is Miss Ivy going to be sad? I think Hudson is going to be very lonely when his older sibs are all gone :(

Jenn Granum said...

He looks so handsome and grown up! Have a great 5th grade year, Bos!

{jane} said...

you are the best momma ever.

cheers to another year of school!!!

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