Tuesday, August 17, 2010

last day of summer break...

for my big boy, who is entering the 5th grade!!!

 yesterday was our last day of summer break and i told my kids we can do anything they want!
{except lagoon~wink}
so we went to '7 peaks' water park with some friends,
'jump on it'
got shaved ice at a place that had buzz lightyear and pooh bear rides. 
{they've been asking to go to that place every time we drive passed it, haha}

then we hit the ultimate stop...

"sub zero" ice cream in american fork.
{and i don't normally like ice cream}
They put the creme you pick in a bowl and then use liquid nitrogine to freeze it.
it's awesome.

after all this, he had a scrimmage football game that night and he did awesome!

Boston caught the ball and was headed for a touchdown in this picture.
he is the one in black being tackled! 

he is loving football!


Jenn Granum said...

Holy cow you guys packed a ton into one day! That ice cream place looks awesome! And since when do you not like ice cream? Have I really been gone that much? I seem to remember a certain someone having a certain addiction to Mud Pie Mojo ;)
Great catch, Boston!

Heather said...

Geez woman! Now I'm kind of glad I didn't get your text. I couldn't keep up with you if I tried! You are so fun, thanks for making me be fun too (sometimes.)

{jane} said...

awesome day!!!

love the pictures - Boston is rockin' in the football pic, so cool!

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