Sunday, August 01, 2010

arizona cousins...

came to play for a week.

The two oldest taylors went to  EFY so we got to keep the younger ones here.  Boston was pumped that Brigham was "all his" all week! 

We played with all the Taylor cousins and went to 
'lindon pool' {our fav} 
up the canyon
jump on it
'despicable me'
sleepovers {every night at different houses}
night games
halo wars
etc, etc, etc...

we played hard.

Jump on it...

is always a must when these guys come to visit!  Boston has met his match with
 Brigham and they are both crazy little flippers, with NO fear!  I love to watch those two together.

Ivy and Mya love the trampoline.
olivia & lucy were twinners with twirling skirts... those two and their clothing had to 
match pretty much the whole time.

  cute little cousins.


We went and stayed for the afternoon at aunt Holli's & uncle Phil's cabin up
 american fork canyon.
Pretty much the most beautiful canyon ever!

 it's fun to see the kids 
get creative with what they play outdoors.  so cute!
Boston and Brigham were mostly loving to start the fires! ha

we went on a hike and ate hamburgers and hotdogs then enjoyed some of those 
HUGE camping marshmallows for our  S'mores.


Plenty of sleepovers, each at totally different houses, my kids were in heaven!
(7 kids at my house, can you even find them in there?)

swimming at grandma Natalie's house
{heather's mom}

we will definitely be going here more often~wink



Boston                                                              Camden



jt said...

That was a busy week! Thanks for your good care, and all the photos!

Todd, Ally, Chase and I missed out on lots of fun there!

Cassy said...

Jump On It looks like so much fun! I wanna go! haha!

{jane} said...

you MUST be the 'favorite aunt' to every niece & nephew you have!!!

Jenn Granum said...

You have some great pictures of those fun cousins! You are always surrounded by a million kids - AND - you are still always in a good mood! What's your secret?!

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