Sunday, August 01, 2010


Have you ever watched the tv show "wipeout?"  
it's pretty much my kids favorite show to watch! It's so awesome, 
we just laugh our heads off when watching! 

we were in Clarkston, Washington { across the river, you can't see is Lewiston, Idaho~These twin cities are bonded by the history surrounding their namesake explorers "Lewis & Clark"}
 with some of the Hansen & Kelley Cousins.  We played at their pool a few games of
 "wipeout" and it was so fun.  
Isaac and Lea came with the little boys and we played all night in the pool!

We stayed the night, played games, ate delicious takeout pizza, relaxed in the massage chair and were plenty entertained at the Hansen house.

They have a house of 5 boys and 1 girl at the end.
  These teenage boys live a good life! ;)

Olivia and Hayes were in all the action.  Those two are totally swimming now, without arm floaties and life jackets.  they are doing Awesome! {finally} 


Ivy &  Case 
cute little 2nd cousins... i think.


that next day colby and austin wanted to take us to these cliffs that they jump off.  
the cliffs are about 30 ft high.  

I watched down below while Cory went up with the boys for pictures.

Boston said it was so high that he actually too a few breaths before hitting the water. haha
they did this "twice"

then we were off to my sisters lakehouse in "Couer d' Alene" Idaho

austin                                         boston                               colby


LuLu said...

You guys have so much fun it's not even fair! :) Hey, wouldn't it be SO awesome if Wipeout was a theme park you could go to??? We love that show. Good family entertainment!

{jane} said...

ok, wipeout is cool, but it totally scares me! and i'm even nervous seeing the pictures of your kids doing all that crazy stuff!

Jenn Granum said...

I didn't even know you were in Washington? That looks like an awesome jump!

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