Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Santa Monica Beach"

We spent saturday at the Beach playing with cousins.  
It was such a cool beach, totally clean and so much fun!

We love the beach.  My kids were entertained all day. 
Ivy loves the sand and didn't mind that it was all over her hands and body.  

The pier was cool, with all sorts of characters like Batman, Spiderman and all sorts of weirdo's. haha

a beautiful day.

cute little missionary 'tay'...

Olivia & Grace as mermaids.

Grace & Cade kept catching all the little crabs...

my nephew Derek hid Jaxon's new flip flops in the sand as a joke {deep} and then all the boys left & went to Venice beach with no shoes on.

Well Derek forgot to tell us where he buried them so we dug forever looking for them.
 little stinker!

now it's funny!


Lizzie said...

that is my FAVORITE beach!

curryclan said...

I love the boys with Belle! That trip looks like it was so much fun! I can't wait until John will let me take the kids!

Go Boss Hog!

Kari said...

Looks so fun!!

Jenn Granum said...

Love the beach - reminds me of Santa Cruz. I used to dig for crabs ALL THE TIME as a little kid on the beach.
And I dig Cade rockin the Captain Quarters solo!

Kierstin said...

it looks gorgeous! what a fun time for all of you to be together. Your kids are so cute!! Ivy is getting so big, she is precious!!

{jane} said...

Kiana & I love Santa Monica beach... It's just about a mile away from where our hotel was the past two summers for her dance nationals. I love that the kids found crabs- that's such a fun memory!!! As I've mentioned a thousand times, you have one incredible family! Great pictures!!!

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