Wednesday, September 01, 2010


with lots of cousins is the best!

we went to california for 2 of my nephew's homecoming/farewell. 
 We decided to do Disney too!

it was so awesome, we spent the first 2 days walking on rides... No fast passes, NO lines! Then by friday it was crowded again.
  It was fabulous, just super HOT!  Apparently California was in a "heat wave!"
probably why there were no lines wednesday and thursday. haha

I took my little kids out of school and headed to california. I met 2 of my sisters and slowly but surely more cousins & grandparents were arriving.

Cory & Boston were supposed to fly in on thursday night, but he ended up having his first FOOTBALL game on saturday & he did not want to miss it! {sniff sniff}
 Good thing he didn't miss it, because he scored the first Touchdown of the season and his touchdown made them win their game! Yahoo Boston!

on friday we used our early morning passes and arrived at 8am with cousins, aunts, uncles and even Grandparents!  We went straight to 'fantasyland'  and rode on everything at least twice. We hurried over to California Adventure as soon as they opened to get our Tickets for "world of color" which i highly suggest you see, and get your tickets first thing when it opens!

we spent, no joke, the whole day and night at both parks and loved it!
"16" hours!

Ivy's favorites... 
"Pirates of the Caribbean"{she tells me to "sing it"} Dumbo, pooh bear ride, seeing mickey mouse& Jesse, and all of fantasyland.

Olivia's favorites... 
Space mountain, Soarin over California, dumbo, haunted mansion, alice in wonderland and seeing the Princesses.

Hayes' favorites...
"Pirates of the Caribbean", Soarin over California, Monsters Inc, Peter pan, buzz lightyear & "bugs lifes land"

my favorite ride in Disneyland is "peter pan"

"tea cups"

this time i decided to do the "Princess" area.  
it was darling.
a very small line, and the princesses were beautiful.

we even got to hear "Sleeping Beauty" tell her story of how she pricked her 
finger on the spinning wheel and fell asleep.

The Princess walk...

I love my little "goofballs"

Ivy's favorite ride was "Dumbo" she cried after dumbo was over and wanted to get back on it. 

Downtown Disney...
dinner at ESPN Zone is the best!

Disney's "California Adventure"

"A Bugs life"
still one of my favorite attractions. 
 My little ones love to get wet and we LOVE the 3D show "It's tough to be a bug"  

I brought swimming suits so they could get totally wet.  Great Idea since we were there during
 a HEAT wave!

Hayes loves Lightning McQueen.

my sister rachel making her daughter Grace go on 'Screamin' ...
but grace ended up loving it and went a ton more times! Yah!
we are SO related!

California Screamin'
Best ride EVER!!

Redwood Creek challenge trail 
is one of my kids favorite spots.  never a line and they have a fun zipline and lots of climbing.  
who wouldn't love that?!

while the older kids were on "Screamin" we saw Jesse & Woody {separate days}
Ivy LOVES Jesse and wouldn't stop hugging her, it was pretty dang cute!

we loved having 'grandpa' at disneyland.
he even went on california screamin with the older cousins, he's 75 and still has the energy of a teenager!
Love this dad of mine!

livi had this awesome bubble blower that kept plenty of us entertained while waiting for Disney's "world of color" to start.

this is definitely a "must see" show!  
we loved it and were sitting in the "mist" section where we pretty much got WET!

You can't really tell, but we left the park TOTALLY WET...
and closed the park down!! yep, we spent 16 hrs that day.  
It was awesome!


Candace said...

Yay! Thanks for all the info for when we go Shash! Looks so fun!

Idaho Penningtons said...

HAHAHA I loved the picture of grace before screaming! Will you email me that! Lets go back I miss you guys!

Jenn Granum said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Love all the pics - I didn't know you need tickets for the world of color show? That's something new for Disneyland. Can't wait to see it - next year.

John and Ann Tolman said...

I think Jordan would make a great Goofy...maybe that will be a good job when he gets from from Africa!

Kierstin said...

HOW FUN!!!! Makes me want to go again!! LOVE all of the pics-such great times!!

Heather said...

I love the pictures. I can't wait! 9 more sleeps. :)

{jane} said...

An amazing day at Disney! My favorite picture is livi with sleeping beauty & she's like slightly wrapped up in her dress. So cute.

Buell Fam said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I am dying to take my girls to Disneyland. Hopefully next year.

Birchall Family said...

I love ALL the pictures, and I could have looked at 100 more. Can't wait for our next trip to Dland together.

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