Sunday, September 26, 2010

Racing the Cane

My friend Daphne is the one of the founders of "Racing the Cane" foundation.

This is the 2nd year of the race and it is so much fun.  This year also included the "one childrens choir" who sang the song that Daphne wrote!  It's beautiful and not a dry eye in sight, especially when Daph's girls sang a solo!


The foundation is awesome...after you run you donate your shoes and all the proceeds and shoes go to the Dominican Republic where the kids actually walk that same distance to school EVERYDAY with NO shoes on!  They will go in a few months and host the same race there in the Dominican Republic as they did here.

I am so proud of Daph and all the hard work she puts into this.
It's so awesome. All of it...
 The race, the afterparty
the choir
Kids races
face painting

It's all so fabulous and such a great cause.  I loved that all my friends and their kids placed in every age division.  It was so awesome, we overtook the race! haha

 and i even won skullcandy headphones.

{click here to see last year's race...}



childrens choir... aubree and madi are on the far right


Jenn Granum said...

Daph is such a wonderful person - what a great cause!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere i can listen to the song? I would love to hear it!

{jane} said...

fun, fun pictures!!! it was such a beautiful morning!!!

Candace said...

How cool!

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