Thursday, September 30, 2010

"a birthday luau"

for our spunky little "two" year old...

Ivy was not really interested in her party {she took a late nap, due to brother's football game} 
until it was time to open presents... which was at the last 30 minutes of her party. haha

Livi is in most of my pictures because she is the only one in my family who will smile for the camera.  I have officially overdosed my family with taking Pictures ;)

We had such a fun time celebrating her birthday "luau style"
I made yummy Macaroni Salad, Kaluha pork, sticky rice, pineapple/fruit skewers 
and polynesian chicken!

we played "hot coconut" did "hoola hoop contests" and of course the "Limbo." 
One of my niece's friends is from Samoa and she came and taught the kids how to "hula dance" it was soooo darling!  I loved watching the kids learn a little hula routine!

everything was great once Ivy ate her cupcakes and opened presents.  She became our little spunky child once her clothes came off!  Hey it's her birthday she can do whatever she wants, right?!

we love that girl to pieces, even when she is naughty... she pulls at our 'heart strings'
Happy birthday love...

  I made these darling "lei's" for the kids to take home, My friend Jenn who lives in hawaii made one for Ivy for her birthday and sent me all the netting to make the "party favors" 
 they were so darling!

there she is, my happy baby girl playing with all her presents!


Running.... said...

So cute! You did an amazing job!Love the pictures!

{jane} said...

so cute & fun to see the pics since i wasn't there for most of it... i know sela & kj had a blast! thanks for inviting them, happy birthday ivy!!!

Diana and Derek said...

You are a great party mom. You should go into party planning. Could you do Derek's 50th? I am glad Ivy had a great day. We love that little cutie.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, it's so fun to catch up with your darling family! Are you kidding me with that AMAZINGLY ADORABLE pic of your Ivie, she is beautiful! All your kids are. How fun that Ben is in your twins class, seriously Kristen is the best, she's such a great friend. Good to "see" you guys!!

Birchall Family said...

Happy birthday to my most favorite 2 year old in the world!! I love you Ivy! Thanks for letting us come to your party. You have one AMAZING mom...she really knows how to throw a party:)

Jenn Granum said...

What a darling party! I love it all - the water bottles, the cupcakes, the activities - so cute! I love the last picture of her. She is so cute and looks just like boston to me! Miss you guys!

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