Saturday, September 04, 2010

LP Football

This is Boston's first year playing tackle football and he is AWESOME! 
Their 5th grade team seriously ROCKS! 

They won their first two games so far.  Boston plays Linebacker and Running back. 
He scored his first touchdown at the first game and today he played awesome defense.  We Played against the Pleasant Grove Vikings & this game was full of action. 

 today in our game, the quarterback threw the ball to Boston and he caught it, the crowd went wild...then he dropped it.  Bummer...  but then i heard some guys say, "that kid NEVER drops the ball" haha 

  I love this kid!

i don't want to bore you all with football pictures, but i can't help myself... I am a very proud mama!


 Here he is in all his glory!! #7 maroon and white

can you see him, tackling the blue team? 

these two pictures are awesome...  watch in the first pic how he is going after the guy on the blue team {who has the ball}

 Awesome tackle!

and if things couldn't be any cuter... we have 5th grade cheerleaders, and they were cheering and flipping through the whole game!! 

love football!


{jane} said...

Go lone peak knights! I can only imagine how fun boston's games are!!! I can just hear you screaming- I mean cheering!!! (hehe). Very cool pictures...

I don't think us Rhodes will ever have football games to cheer for...

Anonymous said...

Wow Shannon these are great pictures of your Football star!

dulces said...

He looks so cute playing. . he just doesn't seem old enough to be playing. anyway I love watching him!

Birchall Family said...

What a little stud!! We want to come to one of his games!!

Kierstin said...

Great pictures Shannon! Boston is a great athlete!

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