Saturday, October 02, 2010

cheering at halftime...

for american fork??

it was the Lonepeak vs. American Fork football game, and we were sitting on AF side.
we switched sides for the night. haha 

most of the Hansen cousins were dancing with the AF cheerleaders during the halftime show.  Olivia had a blast going to practice 3 days in a row with her cousins and being spoiled by all the cheerleaders, especially her cousin Esdee.   

it was pretty much the cutest thing, watching her dance & cheer in front of everyone!  She and Colee were front and center the whole time.  I loved it!

They did a dance routine to "Dynamite"  and it was soooo adorable!!


she's front and center... on the right of the cheerleader.
So cute!

We have the most supportive family at ball games!   Chase is the Quarterback for Lonepeak & Esdee was cheering for AF so Nana came and grandpa and grandma Hansen were there along with lots of aunts uncles and cousins.  

Hayes, Carson & Cade were busy throwing popcorn up in the air and hitting people.  oops.


L Johnson said...

Such a fun fall family activity!

Birchall Family said...

CUTE!! I am laughing so hard at the bottom picture! Ivy is totally cheering, SO CUTE!!! Love your babies!!

Jenn Granum said...

So who won? I bet Livi felt like a rock star dancing on the big field! How cute is that?

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