Saturday, October 02, 2010

Happy October!

It was very hard to decorate for halloween when it is 100 degrees outside. But i am not
 going to complain, i am loving this "Indian summer" we are having!

I love fall and of course Halloween! I am so excited to go and help in hayes & livis's class this 
year {their first real school party}  and do the "witches brew!

 it was October 1st and we had waited long enough.  I've been surprising my kids for the last few years with all of
 their halloween goodies & jammies right when they get home from school.

they love this!

the house is all decorated. 
halloween music in the background, halloween dvd's out and ready to watch.

my friend summer gave me the cutest halloween pancake cutters from Williams Sonoma so we made pancakes for our after school treat!  It was perfect.

we love Halloween.

i never know what setting to use on my camera, but we were trying to show the 'glow in the dark' jammies outside! haha


Decker Family said...

Wow! You really go all out! :)

{jane} said...


cute cute pictures.

summer gave me all the halloween goodies too, cookie cutters, pancake molds, seriously - such a sweetheart.

happy october!

Birchall Family said...

So cute!!! I love October:)
They look so darling in there pjs!! The picture of Hayes with his "teeth" is so funny. I love all your cute traditions. Can't wait to come over and see how cute your house looks.

Molly said...

Olivias hair is soooo cute! I can't even make mine that cute! We just put up our decorations today during conference...its so fun to have the house all Halloween-ified!

Granum Family said...

Do your kids realize that they have the best mom ever??? Such cute pics! And I loved Ivy's bday party too. So cute!

Jenn Granum said...

Love your decorations and all the kids treats. We totally did this on Oct 1 too and had our first Halloween themed dinner that night. Great minds think alike! ;)
PS - I love their jammies!

bulkleybunch said...

your house looks amazing. and your kids are adorable and totally spoiled! lucky ducks. how fun. i love halloween too! xoxo

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