Friday, October 22, 2010

We are Drug Free...

this week at school it was "red ribbon week" where they talked about being drug free all week!  Today they got to all wear red, to show their support against drugs.  I love that my kids were so proud to wear their red ribbon on their shirts all week.

we had some good talks about it, especially with the twins.  Imagine my sweet livi 
with her sweet high voice  "mom what are drugs?" ha   
it's never too young to talk to them about it, i guess! 

we had a door decorating contest to see who's door was best!!  Today we found out that our cousins Cam & Coop's class won first place! {they get a pizza party}  but Boston's class door came in 2nd!
i didn't even take a picture of livi's and hayes' class~ oops, i didn't help out with it. haha

it was fun to check out all the doors at the school, they were very creative!

1 comment:

{jane} said...

i bet livi & hayes are just LOVING all this school stuff! they are so cute!!!

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