Friday, October 29, 2010

Sch'ooooo'l parties...

 I love school halloween parties...
all of the creative costumes,  the giggles from seeing their friends dressed up & especially loving that my twins get to experience it this year! 
it's always fun to sugar them all up and send them HOME!

seriously boston is such a nerd.  i love that he made his own sign that said 
"kick me!"

love him.

he has a gazillion friends with the same amount of energy that he has. 
 imagine that for a whole hour at the halloween party. ;)

his teacher is pretty amazing!

my cute little superhero's before the parade...

Boston's class party...
bingo/cookies/skittles game/popcorn hand

Hayes & Olivia's class party...
was thursday afternoon, because they had no school on friday.  
{just the school parade}

witch's brew/cookie decorating/ghost craft/spiderweb game
i think they LOVED that i was the only mom who dressed up! ~wink wink
{sisters~ don't make fun of me}


Candace said...

I think you all look darling and you are one cool mom! Boston also makes a cute nerd :) He looks like a cute Alfalfa haha

Jenn Granum said...

Your witches brew looks SO cute! Love all the parties - I'm sure you are the favorite mommy at school.

{jane} said...

fabulous parties! i can't do every class, each holiday, i rotate on who's turn it is to get me in their classroom for the parties, and at first i thought my kids would freak and throw fits...they don't mind. hehe.

i love that livi & hayes were his/her spidermen/ cute!

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