Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fall break...

was fabulous and absolutely beautiful!

we couldn't have asked for a better fall here in Utah.  It's seriously breathtaking, and can 
i say how much i love FALL biking!!!  i can't believe we are still outside biking and
 running,  this weather ROCKS! 

we went to Park City with our little family and stayed at our
 favorite spot at "the canyons resort".  Our school wast out at noon on wednesday 
and we headed straight to the hotel. We had a very 
relaxing time, no plans just playing games and watching movies
 & plenty of swimming and sitting in the steam room and sauna...morning & night!

some good family time.

on friday my friend summer and her gang came up to swim and play all night.  we went 
to dinner and then came back and swam.   
It was so awesome!

Boston read the book "oragami yoda" in 2 days, he loved it!  and for the rest of the trip i kept seeing these little guys everywhere!  Even when we were out to dinner.  he would figure out how to make it.
So cute!


Idaho Penningtons said...

We love that place! SO fun!!! I love Ivy playing her ipod! HA

Candace said...

Cute Pics! Love the one of you and Cory!

Jenn Granum said...

That's a great pic of you and Cory! How fun to have a little pool time before the long winter. Is Bos jumping with flippers on? That's awesome!

{jane} said...

fun fall break! i love ivy on the iphone, such a great generation!

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