Wednesday, October 06, 2010

after "ghoul" treats...

yep, i've been gaining some weight this fall. 

  Cooking all sorts of yummy "fall treats" for my kiddos.
i saw these darling "mummy dogs" in family fun magazine and gave them a try.   
The kids loved these after school with ketchup and mustard to dip.

another night we made 'caramel apples' that were 
to. die. for.
we melted dark chocolate and white chocolate and drizzled them over the apples. 
 mostly they liked to dip their rice krispy treat in the assorted chocolates, while
 cory and i devoured ourselves in the apples. 

also not pictured, we made delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  from the
 kitchen of my friend kelli.  
so delicious.  I will give the recipe soon.

until then, i need to hit the gym! wink

happy cooking!

another favorite is artichokes. 
 we love artichokes in this house.
our daddy makes a special sauce to go with it, and also with any sort of vegetable.
  It is a must have with our vegetables. 

~boil the artichoke in a steamer for about an hour.
half of cube of butter & some lemon juice
melt in microwave and add garlic salt


Sally Bagley said...

You make and bake so many fun and beautiful things, Shannon. It is fun to see everything, especially all the pictures of your cute family!

Jenn Granum said...

I am going to make those mummy wrap hot dogs for the kids class parties. So cute. Love all the fun fall cooking.

Birchall Family said...

Right there with you, cooking and EATING! You still look fabulous, so whatever your doing you can keep on doing it;)
Love the mummy dogs...I am going up make those little guys.

Kierstin said...

Thank you for sharing Shannon, you are always doing such fun and creative things with your kids! I will have to try these with my girls, they would love them!

Thank you for your sweet comment...I would love to get together with you! Miss you too!!

{jane} said...

...after all these years, i can't believe i still have not tried/made/or had your special artichoke recipe! it sounds so good right now!!!

very cute halloween treats!

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