Tuesday, August 31, 2010


while we were in Disneyland, Boston and Cory stayed {Boston's request} so he can play in his first Football game of the season!  He loves Football and when we booked the tickets, we had no idea when they were starting. Of course it would be when we were going to California.  I also thought he would just miss it, but apparently it was Not an option!

they're game was in Overtime and boston scored a touchdown and the first of the season!!!
He was Pumped! 

I'm so proud of my boy! 

this picture is off of cory's phone... he doesn't take pictures during the game.  
He's busy coaching the boys. ;)


Jenn Granum said...

Yeah Boston! See momma - he needed to stay for the game so they could WIN! How awesome is that to have the first AND winning touchdown?! I expect many more pictures of him all geared up and in action!

{jane} said...

I have a feeling...this is only the beginning-Boston will go far in football! ;)

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