Friday, August 06, 2010


we've been doing lots of mtn biking, I've been training for this and it's TOMORROW! 
taking twins to day camps, football practice {boston's in heaven},  and catching up on this & this.

we found out who our teachers are and everyone is happy! And all our back to school shopping is done.
  thank goodness for uniforms.

summer is creeping by...ugh

olivia has not let me forget about going 'camping', ever since the father/son campout in may.  So when some of our Hansen cousins were planning an overnighter up AF canyon, we were on board!

my kids loved camping {unfortunately} haha
we played a family game of 'wiffle ball', and horseshoes.  

Grandma hansen made tinfoil dinners and we ate yummy s'mores.  Later that night Hot dogs were being roasted and anything else that was edible! It was so funny.

the next afternnoon we had more family come up and we ate a delicious "dutch oven" lunch.

thanks nana for letting us share a tent with you, you are brave! :)

{pictures compliments of cory's new 'evo' phone}

This is how Boston smiles for the camera now...


{jane} said...

did i just read that you have to load a bus between 4:45-5:30 AM!!!???!!!

good luck! i'll be sleeping, but thinking of you! or dreaming of you!

Anonymous said...

Love the smell of a campfire and roasted Marshmallows. Looks like you had a fun time. Best wishes in your run today!

Jenn Granum said...

Goofball, Boston! You guys always do fun things with your family. I'm sure the kids loved it! Good luck on your race you crazy girl!

Cassy said...

How fun! Love the camping pics :)

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