Monday, August 02, 2010

The lakehouse

My sister rachel and her husband steve have a house on lake "Couer d' Alene" Idaho,  
and it is beautiful.  The lake is gorgeous and they have their own dock and beach area.  We had
 our Johnson family reunion and had a blast.   
I love seeing the older cousins playing with the little ones all the time, the age difference never 
seems to matter!  

I think my favorite comment of the week was from my nephew Derek {16} after wakeboarding, 
he  said... "dude i love our family, we are so good at everything!" hahaha  i love that!  

Rachel is the best Host! 
 We ate the best food and desserts!  We had most of my family there and it was a full house. 

we tubed daily, wakeboarded, surfed, kayaked, played lots of games, crafts, ping pong tournaments, and laughed at all the crazy stuff that my older nephews would do.  They are so out of control and have no fear, so they are pretty entertaining!

Cory took the older kids tubing one night and they all came back with headaches! haha
    they love uncle cory to take them!

We Love the lakehouse and all the memories we make every year.
Thanks Rachel & Steve for all the toys and makings of a fabulous reunion!

I think i took over 300 pictures, i was the family photographer. haha
so enjoy...


little miss "almost 2" loved driving in the boat.

just hanging out on the dock.
if you were dry and relaxed, then those naughty older cousins were throwing you in.  

Tubing was the "highlight" for the twins this year.

they loved it!  I was shocked because last year they were so freaked out.  Even Hayes kept throwing a "thumbs up" to go faster!

Boston wanted to tube all day long... 
i think he did too.  He likes riding on the back and skipping across the water.  
He is a brave soul!

ivy's new bff is aunt rachel.  

she now sings all sorts of songs to me and i don't even remember all of them.  
Whenever ivy would see rachel she would sit on her lap and say "how about" and they would start singing.  so stinkin cute.   Now she tells me to "sing it mommy sing it" 

 as if these boys didn't have enough excitement with all of their crazy tubing adventures...
they rigged up this tubing idea and nobody could stop them.. not even "aunt jill" haha
they are crazy i tell you!!


Wakeboarding & Surfing...



Savvy & me as twinners.

4 of us siblings...


The "hiawatha" trail...

We biked 16 miles through Montana and Idaho,  Boston did the whole thing without complaining once.  We rode through tunnels and over bridges & saw some beautiful views. 
  It was a little freaky to ride through a tunnel for 2 miles and just have a headlamp on.  

good times.


curryclan said...

That looks like a BLAST!

John and Ann Tolman said...

OH! We have a "lake-house" right here in Biggs...when it rains too much in the winter, we have a HUGE lake (Tolman) around our house...HA! Looks like you had a great time.

Diana and Derek said...

i love the pictures. I especially like the "white trash" one. Thanks!

LuLu said...

So so fun! You guys never slow down do you?! And your little Ivy is just so cute! Can I just have her, please?

Cassy said...

I am so completely jealous! How fun that you all got to go at the same time!! We miss you!

{jane} said...

a-MAZ-ing trip! i can see why you'd want to stay there!

your family has so much fun together, all those cousins!!!

love the pic of you surfing, hot momma!!!

Birchall Family said...

LOVE all the pictures! I love the one of all of you on the tube. You look so freaking AMAZING! I am so glad you guys all had such a great time, but I am even more excited you are HOME!!!!! I missed you and all your cute kids! I am thinking I will even run with you on sat just to hang out. LOVES!

Jenn Granum said...

What a great trip! You have SUCH a fun family!

Granum Family said...

This looks like the best trip ever! Sooooo fun!

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