Friday, August 06, 2010

EFK {especially for kids}

 My neighbors did this darling camp for the week.  
It was from 9-11:30 mon - friday and my kids loved it!  

Hayes couldn't wait....

each day was a different theme.  
monday was 'camping craze' where they roasted marshmallows over a campfire and sang camp songs,
tuesday~was Journey to outerspace
wednesday~Somewhere in time and they went in a time machine {hayes told me it was pretend}
thursday~Mystery madness, they became a secret agent
friday~tropical splash luau, swim party!

Olivia had 'dance intensive' camp for the first three days at the Vibe
 and then she joined the last two days.  
They got "EFK"  t shirts and lanyard's and waterbottles. they felt so cool!

Olivia & Riley at the vibe...
Livi made the company team for "boogie babies" 

1 comment:

{jane} said...

EFK sounds adorable!

and, it sounds like Livi was doing 'dance intensive' at the same time Kiana was at CS! so so cute that Livi is on her first dance company!!!

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