Sunday, August 22, 2010

"special day"

Ever since Boston got his "special day" before summer break came to an end, 
Hayes and Livi have been asking for one.

So i caved...

they were so fun & simple!  

They picked a letter pancake breakfast, 
met their kindergarten teacher and had their own individual time with her.
ate lunch with lacey at chilis and ate not "1" but "2" Hot molton cakes!  
{it's our favorite dessert EVER}
they played with ziggy {lacey's dog}
went shopping for their own lunch box
and their fav. silly bandz

all before noon, then we picked up Boston from school... Early out.

We had a great last day of summer!!

Hayes & Liv's love love love "snoasis" as does my whole family.  The best part is saying a Fake name when they ask you your name.  After we picked up Boston and a couple of friends from school, we went straight there before the line was ginormous!

the kids said their names...
Hayes~nacho libre

and then boston's turn...

he says it with a straight face and the girl couldn't quite understand him so she has him say it again... like 3 more times. it was hilarious!
"fart knocker"
Everyone was laughing...
{and was probably concerned, that i allowed it. haha}

you have all heard of "silly bandz" right?
well my kids love them! 

we have a few little collections of themes going on in our home, but today we  got some disney ones, since we are going to Disneyland in a few days!! 

Olivia actually went with her dad on a father/daughter campout that night, while i took the boys and ivy to Boston's scrimmage football game and then to see "diary of a wimpy kid" 
 which is actually so cute!


{jane} said...

so many fun things & cute cute pictures!!!

myla LOVES those bandz too, in fact, she's been collecting them since they came out. me: i think they are the most useless thing EVER? who invents this stuff?

Jenn Granum said...

Such cute rubber bands! What a fun day with the little ones. Tell Fart Knocker we miss him!

Jennifer Napierski said...

What beautiful little kids. They have such a glow to them... totally comes from you Miss Shannon. What a great Mom you are and so much fun.

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