Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rangers stars

Boston's baseball team "the rangers" had their end of the season party. 

throughout the games, the coach would give and honor the kids with 'rangers stars' like for home runs, good catches, etc. etc...

well Boston took the lead in "rangers stars" & the coach said some cute things about him and let him pick from the table of prizes.

they had all sorts of cool prizes.  wiffle balls in a bucket, bat and ball, bat bags, signed autographs from 'brandon mull' {the author of the fablehaven series} derek jeter hitstick etc etc...
Boston picked himself 
a "red sox" hat. 

he is starting to become a "real" red sox fan now.

after the awards, we ate ice cream and played in a baseball game with parents and 
siblings {and cousins} against the team.  
half way through the game, the sprinklers came on.

it didn't seem to stop the game though.

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{jane} said...

i love the 'stars' idea, i may have to encourage KJ's coach to do that next year! of course Boston had the most!!! and, we're so proud he chose a red sox hat - way to go, Boston!!! woo-hoo!!!

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